AltruTek Sends 2nd UXO Team into Ukraine (Read News Update Here)

Ukraine Rapid UXO/DGM campaign

Mapping Unexploded Ordnance
and Remnants of War Across Ukraine

Phase One: 1,000 Acres

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Here at altruTek, we evaluate and support a wide range of applied and advanced technologies which directly address anthropogenic (human-influenced) problems. We do so within the emerging framework of “effective altruism,” where we advocate the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others, in the least amount of time.

This requires a shifting balance of mind and heart, giving donors increased levels of confidence that their contributions will result in maximum and immediate impact toward precisely targeted problems.


Public Launch of $10 million Campaign for Ukraine Rapid UXO Mapping


AltruTek Leads Ukraine
UXO DGM Alliance

AltruTek now leads an alliance of highly experienced companies to rapidly conduct UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) Digital Geophysical Mapping (DGM) of Ukraine. Your support of this campaign helps to safely assist with the identification of potential ERW (Explosive Remnants of War) and UXO contaminated areas across Ukraine through the use of DGM technology.

The Ukrainian Rapid UXO/DGM Alliance uses groundbreaking technology to achieve this critical first step of mapping, an essential step for their ultimate removal through UXO companies and contractors.

Working with Arrotech, Inc. and their groundbreaking and fully operational GEON-E61 drone, AltruTek has created an alliance to map 100,000 acres across Ukraine over the next 12-24 months. ArroTech and FMF Technologies work in tandem developing technologies to detect and identify deadly surface and subsurface ordnance. With your support, we plan to build and deploy a fleet of 100 GEON-E61s at no cost to Ukraine. Our alliance will train Ukrainian UAV pilots to operate these systems. All data from this effort will be integrated into an app, available at no cost to Ukrainian citizens and farmers.

Currently, we have deployed personnel and systems in nearby Poland and Germany and are communicating directly with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense to gain entry and begin mapping.


Living with Remnants of War

As Ukraine continues to absorb the onslaught of Russian artillery and explosive ordnance, these Remnants of War (ROW) will take decades to clear long after the conflict. Over 30 percent of Ukraine’s crops are affected by unexploded ordnance. Ukraine wheat fields play a vital role in the global food supply, providing over 40 percent of the World Food Program’s wheat. It is estimated to take over 9 years to remove UXO in the agricultural areas alone. Current technologies and methods take up to two weeks or more to “clear” on acre.

AltruTek has partnered with an emerging UXO Mapping Alliance that can provide an app that identifies blast radius zones of both surface and subsurface UXOs, using their drones to map an acre and adding it to their active database in 2 hours or less. This means that a fleet of 99 of these drones can map over 80,000 acres per year. It will take roughly $7 million to create such a unique fleet and deploy it in Ukraine.

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