About Altrutek

The combination of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences and Applied Technologies
offers unprecedented avenues for creating dramatic environmental and social
impacts. By supporting groundbreaking innovation in applied technology, we
can tackle humanity’s greatest challenges starting today.

Vision & Mission

Vision: A safer and smarter planet for all of humanity, impacting today.
Mission: Unleashing effective altruism through the power of applied and advanced technology.

Mission: If we are to thrive within a sustainable world, technology will play a key role. Here at AltruTek, we evaluate and support a wide range of applied and advanced technologies which directly address anthropogenic (human-influenced) problems. We do so within the emerging framework of “effective altruism,” where we advocate the use of evidence and reasoning to determine the most effective ways to benefit others, in the least amount of time. This requires a shifting balance of mind and heart, giving donors increased levels of confidence that their contributions will result in maximum and immediate impact toward precisely targeted problems.


Significant ecosystems and resources exist for long-term research and high-risk investment in “horizon” technologies. Nonetheless, many companies with
important ideas and viable technologies will not survive the proverbial “valley of death” in funding. This includes companies seeking to lessen or solve a growing list of anthropogenic problems.

AltruTek identifies and assists such companies by applying existing technologies to operational platforms and solutions. We are led by a core interdisciplinary team of highly experienced and credentialed board members, along with rotating board members with targeted skill sets and
applicable experiences. As we pivot from problem to problem, we adjust our board members, ensuring that reason, logic, and efficiency are emphasized
along with our relentless passion. This adaptive approach to effective altruism optimizes the stewardship of donor resources and maximizes their impact.

Altrutek current project

Ukraine Rapid UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) DGM (Digital Geophysical Mapping)

Using existing methods, the removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) left behind in Ukraine by Russian invaders would take decades to locate and remove. More than 30 percent of Ukraine’s agricultural fields are laced with these remnants of war. Ukraine plays a vital role in the global food supply, providing over 40 percent of the World Food Program’s wheat. Clearing agricultural areas, alone, of UXO would require an estimated 9+ years at a rate of two weeks or more per acre, using handheld or cart-mounted technologies.

AltruTek has partnered with an emerging UXO Mapping Alliance equipped with an app that identifies blast radius zones of both surface and subsurface UXOs. The alliance uses metal-detecting drones to map an acre and add it to its database in two hours or less. This means that a fleet of 99 of these drones can map over 80,000 acres per year. Teams operating up to four drones can work a full 12 months with $500,000 funding. Thanks to our alliance, these teams will map up to 1,000 acres in a
year. Those maps will save lives and return fields to productivity for years after the war ends. AltruTek is currently raising funds for the UXO Mapping Alliance in order to expand manufacturing of detection systems and train drone operators.

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