Altrutek current project: Ukraine

Altrutek is currently focused on creating a safer Ukraine through the “Rapid Mapping” of potential Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Explosive Explosive Remnants of War (ERW).

AltruTek Current Project

AltruTek Project: Ukraine Rapid UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) DGM (Digital Geophysical Mapping)

As Ukraine continues to absorb the onslaught of Russian artillery and explosive ordnance, these Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) will take decades to clear long after the conflict. Over 30 percent of Ukraine’s crops are affected by unexploded ordnance.

Ukraine wheat fields play a vital role in the global food supply, providing over 40 percent of the World Food Program’s wheat. It is estimated to take over 9 years to remove UXO in the agricultural areas alone. Current technologies and methods take up to two weeks or more to “clear” on acre.

AltruTek has partnered with a UXO/DGM Mapping Alliance that can provide an app that identifies the potential location of both surface and subsurface UXOs, using their drones to “map” an acre in 2 hours or less. This means that a fleet of 99 of these drones can map over 80,000 acres per year. Currently, we are focused on raising $500,000 to fund the mapping of 1,000 acres. These maps save lives!

The timing of this effort will be key to saving lives across Ukraine as hostilities continue and long after the war has ended. AltruTek currently seeks to raise this funding and contract with members of the Ukraine Rapid UXO/DGM Alliance in order to expand manufacturing of these systems and train drone operators.

There are four key parts to this project

Rapid UXO/DGM Mapping by Drone

The GEON-E61 platform pictured here in operation can conduct highly accurate mapping of an entire acre in 2 hours or less. This system can detect potential UXO/ERW up to 9 ft (3 meters) under the surface. See for details.

Surface UXO/ERW Identification

A large number of unexploded ordnance and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) is located above ground. FMF Technologies is partnering with ArroTech to integrate their developing solutions to identify surface UXO/ERW via Artificial Intelligence. By connecting these systems to their SoRD database, dangerous items can be more quickly identified to assist safer removal.

UXO/ERW Hazard Area Mobile App Development:

As acreage is mapped indicating potentially deadly UXO/ERW, these locations will be mapped and “geo-tagged.” This information will be integrated with a Mobile App, empowering Ukrainian citizens and farmers to avoid such hazardous areas. ERW Contamination in Ukraine continues on a daily basis during hostilities. This app will be developed by Teknika, Inc., employing Ukrainian citizens in both development and ongoing maintenance of the app and the data coming from ArroTech and FMF Technologies on potential hazard locations.

Mine Risk Education (MRE)

MRE refers to activities that aim to reduce the risk of death and injury from UXO, landmines, IEDs, and other ERW by raising awareness and promoting safe behavior. Traditionally, MRE activities have been conducted in person, where subject matter experts are deployed to at-risk areas to educate the local population. This app will enable Ukrainians to access training in their own language(s), at their pace and time, and train them on how to safely report potential UXO/ERW devices themselves.

Why donate?

With each square meter or foot you sponsor, you will be supporting each of the above elements of this project. As more and more acreage is mapped, the data Ukrainians will have access to via the app will potentially save countless lives. From mapping potentially hazardous areas, to combining data above and below ground, to providing Mine Risk Education, your help will create a safer Ukraine both during and after hostilities. Please donate today!

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